Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some good news: the final push

On Thursday, the 7 day mandatory wait will have ended and our adoption decree will be final!  Our daughter will OFFICIALLY be a Matthews!

I'm so very excited.  The following week we should receive the dates when we can travel to bring her home! As soon as her little foot steps onto US soil... she will automatically become a US citizen.  How amazing and beautiful is that?

Other good news... we've been offered not one, but TWO matching grants totaling $1,250!  For those who don't know - a matching grant is one where a donor asks you to raise a certain amount of money and when you meet that goal... they give you the same amount, doubling what you have already raised!

Once we match the $1,250 that has been pledged, they will donate the same amount and WE WILL BE FULLY FUNDED!!!  We will be able to go and bring our daughter home as soon as her government says we can!

So if you want to get one of my mystery gifts (hair clippies, key fobs, button bobbies, and more), just go to our link and make a donation!  Then email me at rhianonmat@gmail.com and I will send you something amazing as a great big thank you for helping me bring my baby girl home!!  The link to our adoption fund is at the top right side of this screen.

I'm so excited.  I wish I could make you all understand just how VERY excited I am.  In just a few weeks I will see my daughter again.  But this time... I won't have to say goodbye. Not ever again!!

One last thing...
Could I ask another favor from those of you reading this?  Could you please share this on your own blogs, Facebook pages, etc?


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