Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet our daughter.

I'm so happy I could cry... and I did!  I met Christiana this morning on the banks of the Danube river. 
I will write more later, but I wanted to share these with you....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I made it!

I'm here in the Hotel Budapest in lovely Sofia, Bulgaria. 

There were some bumps and scares on the flights, but it was worth it.

Tomorrow I travel to meet the orphanage director and set up visits and sign forms.  I'll actually get to meet the director and C on Monday!  I'm so excited. 

Prayers and good wishes are welcome. 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Christiana's Chance - fun crafty fundraiser

I've been making and selling cute wrist-strap key fobs to help raise funds for our adoption of Christiana. 


They cost $5 each.  The shipping cost is $2 for the first key fob (also known as a key-chain or key-ring) and then .50 for each additional one.  This cost covers the actual cost of shipping plus the shipping materials I use to package the key fobs for shipping. 

Please visit my Facebook shop to see other designs.    I have MANY different designs and am happy to customize them if you like.  I can do different combinations of color with printed or solid colored ribbon (school colors for example!). 

I will also be adding more fun gift items soon like hand warmers, small plushie toys and games, and Christmas ornaments.

Everything earned from our fundraiser will go to our adoption fund. 

If you would like to have one of our items, please email me at

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This is it!

This is it, folks.   We got our written referral on Thursday and our travel dates on Saturday. 

Are you ready... I travel on October 26th.  Yes, you read that right... I travel on FRIDAY... this friday.

We're not yet funded for this trip and I need to arrange and pay for plane tickets tomorrow, somehow!  Pray for us, folks.  We really need it right now. 

On the plus side... all of our other issues are working out well.  We were told that my husband's plant would be closed next week (we would lose a week's pay) due to an issue of some sort.  That plus the week that he would have had to take off for me to travel would have really hurt us financially.  But since our travel dates overlap the plant closure... we won't have to worry since we planned ahead to cover the missed paycheck during travel week! 

To me, that says that God is looking out for us and intends for me to be able to travel on Friday! 

So... if you can, please help us by donating to our Chipin account.  We still need to raise quite a bit in order to be fully funded for this trip. 
If you can't donate, please consider sharing our story with others.

Monday, October 15, 2012

This may be the week!

We could receive our official written referral for Christiana's adoption this week.  I really hope to hear something on Wednesday.  That's when they normally have their meetings. 
Once we have our written referral, it's just a matter of days until we're issued our travel dates. 

I'm so nervous!  I'm so excited!  Pray for me, please.  I'm about to step into one of the greatest adventures of my life so far. 

Here's hoping I will have good news to post here soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Facebook auction!

Please check out our FaceBook auction!!/media/set/?set=a.383282448411594.88958.304175849655588&type=3
There are some lovely items that have been donated by Etsy sellers that would make wonderful Christmas gifts! 

It's easy to bid in the auction.  You just "like" the main page, and then visit the photo album called the Countdown to Christiana Auction.  All of the photos are of auction items.  To bid, you just leave the amount of your bid in a comment.  It's very easy.  

Once the auction ends on October 26th, you make a donation in the amount of your bid (plus shipping) to our family fund.

We have hand crafted pottery, key fobs, a Waldorf doll from Croatia, wind chimes, honey, crocheted owls, and much more!  Please come and take a look.  This will be our last fundraiser before receiving our travel dates and we are still $2000 short of being funded for this trip!

Please give us a hand and help bring our daughter home!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who's with me?

Friends, if you do nothing else for me.. please read this article.
 If, at the end, you still don't understand why I'm so passionate about helping children like Katie and Christiana... you never will.

 "If not me, then who?" That is my motto... the words I now live by. It's the thought that makes me stand up straight and forge ahead with all the fundraising, begging, criticism, and stress from this adoption process.

So many times in the past I've seen horrible things and thought "Someone should change that!" or "Someone should DO something".

I've finally realized that passing the buck not only doesn't help... it makes things worse. By turning away, I was helping things get worse, not better. There are too many of us saying "Someone should do something" while we stand by and let these horrible things happen again and again. If each of us did SOMETHING... things like this would stop.

Susanna Musser did it. She and Toni stood up and made a difference. Two people (and the thousands who prayed along with them) made a difference for over TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY children!

Just imagine what would happen if two hundred and fifty of YOU stood up like Susanna and Toni and said "If not me, then who?"... and then did something to help.
I've gotten in line to help. Won't you join me?

If you think there is nothing you can do to help or that the little that you can do won't make a difference, you're wrong. Very, very wrong.

Please contact me and let me tell you exactly how you can help. Even if you don't have a single penny to share or very little extra time in your day... you CAN still help one of these children find their forever family and you can also make sure their family is able to bring them safely home.
I promise... you CAN help. You just have to be willing to stand up and say "If not me, then who?" and step forward.

 Who's with me? 


Hidden Treasures Auction

Please be sure to visit the Hidden Treasures Auction.  It runs from October 1-7 and benefits our adoption fund!

There are so many amazing items to choose from... from books to hats to quilts to jewelry.  Truly beautiful things and more are being added!  So far only half of the items have been listed and donations are still coming in!
I'm so grateful... and so humbled by the kindness of my friends and of those sweet ladies (and gentlemen) who have worked so hard to bring our children home.

God bless you all.