We're planning and running several fundraisers for our adoption.

If you're on Facebook... we're hosting a Christmas gift auction right now.  Please visit and see all the lovely items we have.  It's very easy to bid on the items. Just visit the auction page and click "like"... then leave a comment in the comment area with the photo of the item you are bidding on with the amount of the bid. Easy-peasy. If you're not on Facebook and would like to bid... just email me and I can tell you the current bid amount and post a bid for you if you would like. 

We also have a "shop" in the RR Christmas Craft Mall on Facebook where I sell key fobs.  There are lots to choose from including Christmas ones and I'm glad to do special orders!

If you love great tshirts, visit our AdoptionBug fundraising store and buy an awesome adoption advocacy tshirt!  Every sale from our shop raises money for our adoption!

We have a "puzzle fundraiser".  This one is really fun.  Each person who "buys" (donates) a puzzle piece gets to have their name written on the back of it.  Once the whole puzzle is bought and put together, we'll frame it between two sheets of clear glass so that the front and back are visible.  We'll hang it in Christiana's room so that she can see all the names of the people who helped bring her home!  I really love this fundraiser because at the end of it... she will have an amazing treasure.  Something that shows her just how loved and valued she is... so much so that ALL THOSE people worked to bring her home.  BTW... the pieces are each $5 and you can pay for them by going to
So far we've only sold a few pieces.  Why not add your name to a keepsake for our daughter?


Keep looking here for more things we have planned.  Another auction (or two), a sponsorship, and more.

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