Thursday, April 12, 2012

We're adopting!

I've had a couple of surprised friends who missed our announcement. 

We're adopting!  

We're trying very hard to adopt a sweet, tiny little four year old girl.  She has some delays like Deacon does, but that's not what matters.  What matters is that she will hopefully become a Matthews.  What matters is that we want her and are willing to go out on a rather thin financial limb to get her. 

Friends, we're discovering that adoption is a difficult, expensive adventure.  So in the future be ready to see announcements for fundraisers, giveaways, contests, tournaments... you name it.... we're going to be doing it in order to bring our sweet little bird home. 

While you're looking around at our blog... you may notice a Chipin button on the right.  All it takes is a click to donate to our adoption fund through Paypal.  Give it a try.  lol  It's super easy!

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  1. Congratulations on your little princess! So happy she has a family coming for her. We're adopting from the same country and look forward to following your journey :)