Sunday, April 8, 2012


We've all had them... those days when everything is chaos. Those days when your four year old cuts his own hair, the two year old decides to paint the sofa with pudding, and the 6 year old argues like a southern lawyer who's billing by the hour.

Days like that sometimes make us want to put the kids to bed at five and then collapse into a twitching heap on the bed. And while many people would want to trade away those days... I wouldn't.

As trying as those crazy days are, they're also rewarding and precious.

Take a moment to look at the things that happen on those crazy, stressful days in a new light.

Sure it's aggravating when the four year old cuts his hair, but it's also a show of independence - a way to say "hey - I want shorter hair" or "I can do it myself". For an autistic 4 year old with developmental delays... it's a big step and an important milestone.

The two year old painting with pudding... well, I would be happier if he would paint something that could be wiped down instead of steam-cleaned, but still... My little man is creating art and expressing himself. He's exploring textures and learning to change his environment. He's joyous and happy when he's painting the furniture. I mourn for the stains and dread the tedious cleanup, but his smiling, joyous face more than repays any stress his creative tendencies cause. When he says "sorry mama" and hugs me... all is forgiven.

The six year old's sassy mouth is probably the most aggravating of all. This child does NOT like to "take no for an answer" and will try to convince you to see/do things his way. He'll keep trying for hours. The boy is tenacious. The flip-side of this is... he's clever. He's very intelligent and is becoming very eloquent and very persuasive. His vocabulary is expanding and his grasp of how to use logic and reason to persuade is amazing. He'll be a huge asset to his high school debate team someday. lol

My friends, beauty can be found everywhere and so can joy. I've been asked many times how I keep my sanity in such a small house with 3 small boys, a husband and four dogs. I've been told that I'm crazy for wanting to add another child to our family.

The thing is... I love my family. I adore my husband and I am absolutely in love with my children. They make me happy. Motherhood makes me happy... it fulfills me.

I can't wait to add to our family... to be able to share this wonderful, chaotic, loving life with a small, sweet soul from eastern Europe.

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