Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Please don't worry

Please don't worry about our adoption.  We're not directly affected by the Russian adoption ban.  The country we're adopting from isn't Russia... isn't even close, really.  lol  Our adoption is safe and still very much in process.  We hope to be bringing our daughter home in early March if things move quickly and smoothly.  

But don't think we haven't been affected by the ban at all. We have.  We have very good friends in the adoption community that have been devastated by this ban.  Their hopes and dreams have been dashed and the children that they love may be left as orphans... unable to be adopted even in their own country because of their disabilities.  

Of the 46 families who have gotten court decrees of adoption from Russia, only 6 had passed the mandatory 30 day wait ordered by the Russian courts.  We have been told that the 6 will be able to bring their children home.  But for the other 40 families who were still in that 30 day period... things are much more uncertain.  The US government is working to negotiate the completion of these adoptions and everything that can be done is being done by Senators, Ambassadors, etc.  There are many Russian politicians and judges who are working hard to unite these families also.  

Please pray for them all.  Pray for those families whose hearts are breaking right now.  Pray that the hearts of  those Russian politicians who passed this law will soften... and let them see that it is right to let those children be placed in the homes of those families who love them. 

And please pray that the amendment to the adoption ban will pass that allows for special needs children to continue to be adopted internationally.  The bill should be presented on January 14th, I believe.  

Last of all... please pray for all the orphans of the world.  American, European, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Colombian, Mexican... all of them.  Pray for their health, safety, and for their forever families to find them quickly.  

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