Monday, December 17, 2012


So much has happened in the past few weeks.  I'll be back tonight to give a real update.  Until then... I would like to announce that Sevenly has chosen Reece's Rainbow as their charity to sponsor this year! is an organization committed to raising awareness for the many charities around the world through their hip and trendy shirt designs! Each week of the year, one charity is chosen. Sevenly design artists create a unique graphic for that charity, and fundraise through the sale of those items over a 7-day period only!
THIS week, December 17-24, Reece’s Rainbow is Sevenly’s chosen charity! We are SO BLESSED to have this incredible opportunity to *reach outside of our existing Down syndrome/special needs/adoption community*, and to share our ministry and the needs of these children with the general public. HELP US MAXIMIZE THIS SPECIAL WEEK BY:
1) Buy a shirt or two, they make great gifts, even for teenagers and us 40-somethings who *think* we’re still 17!
2) Share the link
3) Take one of the various “headers” shown here and change your timeline cover pic on FB.
4) Grab one of the blog buttons and add to your blog.
4) Follow RR on Twitter ( and be sure to RT our posts multiple times a day.
5) Same goes for Facebook and your blogs.
6) Continue to reach out to celebs and other influential folks to help you tweet.


Please help us support Reece's Rainbow.  They're the reason we found Christiana and they've helped us so much!  All of the money that is raised will be used to find homes for waiting children.

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