Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yesterday started out hard.   Deacon woke up at 4am full of energy.  I couldn't convince him to go back to bed, so we ended up sleeping on the couch until the others woke. 

Then at around 10-ish I got the most wonderful news.  I found out that not only had we been assigned a USCIS agent, but that agent had just approved our I800a form this morning. (an I800a is a request to adopt a child from a Hague convention country that must be filed and approved in order to proceed with an international adoption)  Our process only a fraction of the time I was expecting it to take. 

I was ecstatic.  I was over the moon happy.  I posted on Facebook and emailed my husband.  Then the boys and I went to get lunch and Chik Fil-Al.  It was a good day. 

It was a great day until I saw this...
"Sad news, friends -- Margaret has passed away :( She's been posted on the "In Loving Memory" page"

This sweet little girl was Margaret.  She never had a home, a mother, or love.  She never had someone to hold her when she was scared and kiss her booboos.  She died alone, in an orphanage. 

It's sad that this little girl died.  Would she still have died if she had been adopted?  Maybe.  But she wouldn't have been alone.  She would have known family.  She would have known love.  She would have known the comfort of a mother's arms and a father's strength. 

People keep asking... "Why do you do this?" and "Wow.  You must want a little girl really bad.".  We "do this" because precious little girls (and boys) shouldn't have to die alone and unloved. 

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