Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Ones Finding Homes

I realized today that there are only two children left on Reece's Rainbow (from Christiana's orphanage) who haven't found families. They're both newly listed, so it's very possible that they will have families soo, too.

Would you like to know how this was achieved and who made it possible? I'll tell you. It was made possible through the tireless work of a large group of people who have advocated for these sweet children and spread word of their need all over the internet! Here are a few of them....

Shelley Bedford.
 She's a wonderful woman who has found families for so many children. She is the one who raised the funds to get medical care for the children who desperately needed it in the orphanage and who has been coordinating donations of special formula for them.

Amanda Unroe.
 Amanda just returned from Christiana's home country where she adopted 5 little sweeties.

Susanna Musser.
 Many of you know her as "Katie's Mom". She's worked tirelessly to spread awareness about the  terrible conditions that these children suffered in.

And last, but not least... all of the amazing women in the Reece's Rainbow group on Facebook. There are way too many to list here. Wonderful, generous, loving, kind... these words don't begin to describe them.

One last thing... I was asked recently if I thought it was possible to save "all of them" (orphans).  (It was asked with sarcasm, by the way.)
My answer is... probably not.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.  If only one out of the 143 million orphans in the world (yes... there are really that many) finds a home, it's worth it.  It's worth all of the blogging, fundraising, travelling, and effort. 

This girl... SHE is worth it all.
She is my 1 in 143 million.  She is my daughter.  Christiana Renee Matthews.


  1. Soooo beautiful! Thank you!! Christiana is a most blessed child, and I can't wait to see her (and the others) home safe!

  2. It doesn't take long before your 'one' starts to turn into more and more and more, just by the people you reach out to who then take on the plight of orphans, and then the people they reach out to, not to mention the actual children and the people THEY will reach... you start to see amazing things happen and realize you were a part of making them that way! I've made almost nothing this year financially, I'm hardly working and my bills are three months behind... I could only dream of having enough to have money left over to help bring kids home... but I shared with a friend, who shared with her church small group, who collectively donated over a thousand dollars the other day. God used me, He uses all of us, as a vessel through which he pours the water of life... and He can help WAY more than 1 child in this whole world. :) And everywhere that water runs, it changes forever. I have been so blessed to watch from the day your sweet girl was listed on RR, to the day she went to MFFM, to 'knowing' you online... maybe I'm just extremely sappy, but I think it's a privilege to even be a tiny part of saving 'just one'.